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The February Entertainer has hit the stands! In my February column you'll see tips on great places to visit with your special someone. You may also notice that Folsom properties are being gobbled up as fast as those little heart candies. 

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 Rain Rain Go Away!  Let’s go buy a house today!

Somehow I survived the rains in January. Wow!  That was some rain.  So they say the drought is officially over. What’s the opposite of drought?  Merriam-Webster says it’s “overabundance” or “excess”.  Is there a definition of a “flood” time? 

February is not my favorite winter month.   I’m not big on cold, dark and wet.  I’m not the guy that’s going to move to Seattle one day (great place to visit – absolutely gorgeous when the sun shines).  I’m the guy that loves sunshine. I even use a sunshine day lamp at my desk office to increase my mood.

February is the month of my wedding anniversary.  Not a coincidence.  We chose February on purpose.  It gave me something to look forward to and love about February. My wife and I always go to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate (no, I’m not Japanese).  We went to a Japanese restaurant on our first date and our anniversary coincides on that date, so it’s become our tradition for many years.

So romance is in the air.  It’s in the snow, in the rain and in the brisk winter air.  Folsom can be fun in February. For our special day, there are so many Japanese restaurants to choose from.  We go to a lot of them.  Mikuni, Hisui Sushi, Aloha Sushi and more.  There are so many nice places for anyone to enjoy a Valentine’s dinner.  Have a great meal at Bacchus House and check out their Valentine collectibles for a wonderful gift.  I don’t have to leave Folsom to explore a million options to find just the right Valentine’s gift for the special women in my life (my wife and daughters).  I can’t pass up See’s Candies.  I love See’s.  There’s 10 stores that sell jewelry in Palladio alone, not including the wonderful options throughout Folsom.  There’s some various imaginative ways to spend time with your sweetie.  Activities together are so special.  A nice stroll through Old Town, a hike in the hills, a romantic outing at Folsom Lake, or a day-trip to the slopes.  For those that want to stay inside, going to the movies is fun, but what about letting your artistic side out for the night?  Painted Studios at the Palladio let’s you paint, drink wine and have a memorable time. 

Still can’t find the right gift?  How ‘bout a wonderful 4 bed / 3 bath 1600 sq ft home in Empire Ranch?  Now, we’re talking.  Yes, buy your sweetie a home.  A lasting gift. A memorable gift.  Keep the receipt in case it doesn’t fit.  But you may have to pay a price for that home.  Real estate sales are thriving in Folsom.  I guess everyone has the same idea.  In the middle of January, there were only 68 homes for sale.  68!  To put that in perspective, the 66 in December 2016 was the lowest level in three years. One of my client’s home will be one of the only homes on market in Folsom that is near $250,000. It’s a beautiful condo that will fit that special someone just right.  All kidding aside, it’s a beautiful townhome with lots of updated features.

In December 2016, 80 homes were sold.  That means that it would take less than one month to sell all of the homes (inventory).  That’s insane. The average price was $498,494, well above the 2016 year-to-date average of $481,536.  Folsom homes are selling, selling for more and selling quickly.  The average Folsom home that sold in 2016 sold in just 33 days.  If you are thinking of moving, please contact me.  I promise prompt service and relevant real estate information.  

Real estate is exciting and I’m excited to continue to help more families in 2017 with their real estate needs. With proper planning and a good Realtor (Luckily, I know a really good one….), you can smoothly get to your next stage in life.

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