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Pat's Column focusing on Folsom Real Estate in the September issue of Folsom Lake Entertainer Magazine. Here's the copy.  Fun things to do in the area as summer winds to a close. Apple Hill is a great place to spend a day with so many things to do. 

September is full of tough choices.  Day trip to Apple Hill? Time to sell or buy your home?  

September in the Folsom area has so much to offer.  The weather is ideal.  Let’s face it.  There are some tough decisions in life and then there are some TOUGH decisions in life. Living in the Folsom area, in Indian summer, presents some of those tough decisions.  With the weather so nice there are just so many choices of things to do, it’s one tough decision that is fun to make.  

Oh sure, school is in session, high school football is starting and summer is winding down and into fall.  So that means it’s Apple Hill time.  Did you know that pears were the major crop in Apple Hill until about 36 years ago.  Now, the area has the largest concentration of apple growers in California.

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go to Apple Hill.  Apple Hill is located in Camino, a short drive up Highway 50.  We’re lucky as we live so close to Apple Hill, which continues to attract people from all over the world.

Whether you’re the type that likes to plan your day or just go with the flow, my best advice is to go early, beat the traffic and enjoy your day.  With 55 ranches, 16 different varieties of apples, 14 bake shops & 10 different wineries and yes a day spa too, there’s always something to enjoy, somewhere to go, something to see and do and something to go taste!

I enjoy the weather as it feels a little cooler in the mountains. I enjoy the view of the mountains, the smells of the outdoors, including the trees, apples and bake shops… oh the bake shops.  My day is complete with early hike in the area followed by a picnic that includes a slice of apple pie, some apple cider and maybe an apple donut for dessert and while sitting under the trees on a beautiful sunny day.  What a fantastic day.   You can bet that I’ll be back to visit one of the Christmas tree farms in a couple months.

Real estate in the Apple Hill area is a little different from Folsom.  In Camino, the heart of Apple Hill, there are only 28 homes for sale.  The average home is more than $676,000.  In nearby Placerville, there are 180 homes for sale.  The average home is more than $560,000.  But in Folsom, where there are 177 homes for sale, the average price home is more than $605,000.  All Folsom residential real estate continues to thrive.  Yes, $605,000 for the “average price” home. But like I mentioned in previous columns, the most active price range in Folsom is from $400,000 to $600,000.  Of the 177 Folsom homes on the market, 45% of them are in this price range.  55% of the homes currently in contract (Pending) and 59% of the homes Sold this year area also in this price range. 

Are you planning to live in Folsom or head “up the hill” and enjoy a lifestyle different from what you have now?

I talk with sellers and buyers about these topics and more all the time. With interest rates remaining low and buying power high, it may be a wonderful time to sell your home or buy a home. With proper planning and a good Realtor (Luckily, I know a really good one….), you can smoothly get to your next stage in life.  For more tips on how to successfully navigate the real estate purchase or sale, or suggestions on Folsom topics, please contact me at Coldwell Banker, 916.812.4341,,


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